Using gentle techniques hypnosis is used to bring you into touch with the wisdom of your body.  Coming into touch with the emotions and wisdoms of the body can facilitate the giving up of smoking or other habits such as over-eating which are not wanted in a person’s life. 

Hypnosis can also help people who are grieving. It has also been used to relieve a person from their sense of overwhelm – allowing them to open into their creative aspect, thus expressing themselves in a way that they feel enhances their life.

Hypnotherapy is helpful for those who feel angry or sad, and past grievances can be understood in a way that is not usually easy whilst in conscious thought, then forgiveness and peace immediately take the place of the grievance. 

In order to understand whether hypnotherapy or PSYCH-K® is the most suitable therapy for you, please call me for a telephone consultation first.



Hypnotherapy can help with:

Confidence problems

Low self-esteem

Fears and phobias

Eating problems


Resolving emotions such as anger and grief



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