Herbal Medicine

Humans and plants have been evolving together over hundreds of thousands of years.  Our cells are comfortable with the healing effects of plant medicine, and herbs are aligned to healing us.  Certain herbs have an affinity for certain body systems, as well as specific actions on the body tissues.  It is the skill of the herbalist to combine knowledge of the physiology of the body, with the knowledge of pathology of disease and the knowledge of the actions of each herb to create a prescription appropriate to each individual. 

Everyone is different and so each individual is listened to and treated as an individual.  Even a married couple, both suffering with a cold, will receive a different prescription. 

In some illnesses, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, where people are not given much hope by mainstream medicine, it is possible for the person to make a full or significant recovery and then to continue with their lives without herbs.

In other cases, such as osteoarthritis, herbs can provide anti-inflammatory and pain relief without the negative side effects of prescription pain killers, but the condition dictates that the person will need to remain on the herbs for the rest of their lives (although with a change in diet, there can be a great reduction in the pain). 

When a person feels anxious or depressed, there is little point in just using herbal medicine because the underlying mental state needs to resolved. In such cases Hypnotherapy, PSYCH-K® or counselling may be suggested so the person feels calm through their healing process with the herbs, but not reliant on them forever. 

Herbal medicine can be used periodically to treat hormonal imbalances such as the menopause.  


Herbal medicine can be used to treat conditions related to the:

Circulatory System

Nervous System


Immune System

Respiratory System

Hormonal System

Digestive System



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