Workshop: The Summer Solstice the Mighty Oak and the Blasted Oak with Jo Dunbar and Adrian Rooke

Date: Saturday 8 July 2017, 10am - 5pm

Where: The Queen Elizabeth Park in Hampshire (collection from Petersfield railway station is arranged if you don't drive) 

Cost: £75

Booking: Call Jo on 07932 764417 or click here to book. Advanced booking only.

On this day we shall connect deeply to the English Oak, which was deeply sacred to the ancient Druids and indeed to modern Druids too. Throughout the world, the Oak has been honoured for its strength, durability and the protection it offers humans and wildlife. Old folk-lore tells of the Oak as the king of the forest at the Summer Solstice, and the ancient Celts called it Duir (the doorway). But this giant of the forest also attracts lightning, and when this happens, the Mighty Oak is blasted apart.

Our retreat explores how we can work with The Mighty Oak to move through the doorway from a life blasted apart to revealing our hidden strengths and courage as we transmute life’s challenges into triumphs.

We shall also work with other summer herbs such as St John's Wort, Mugwort, Melissa and Vervain, and learn how to work with these herbs to bring lightness and joy into our lives.


Workshop: An Introduction to Treating Common Childhood Ailments With Natural Remedies with Rachael Gosling & Jo Dunbar

Date: Tuesday 5 September 2017, 9.30am – 3.30pm

Where: Pucks Oak Barn, Compton, Surrey GU3 1EG (just off the A3)

Cost: £85 (lunch included). Contact Rachael on 07710 005210 or email for further information and bookings

Medical Herbalist Jo Dunbar and Natural Health Practitioner Rachael Gosling invite you to spend a day with like-minded parents and carers learning how to support your child through fevers, sore throats, coughs and colds using natural remedies.

This is designed to be an intensely practical course covering herbs, homeopathy, natural nursing therapies and other effective natural remedies. You will be given opportunities throughout the day to put what you learn into practice, so you can return home with knowledge and skills you are confident to use.

Rachael Gosling is a mother, trained nurse, researcher and natural health practitioner. She is the author of the book Nursing Your Child at Home; Supporting Your Child Through Fever Naturally, and has a private practice in Surrey where she specialises in treating women and children.

Previous walks and workshops

Talk: The spirit of the hedgerow

Jo Dunbar Medical Herbalist and Druid and Adrian Rooke Pagan celebrant, Counsellor and Druid, reveal how pagan folk interacted with the physical and spiritual aspects of the forest in the pre-Christian era, and how we can bring the magic of the wild wood back into our lives today.

Workshop: The spirit of the hedgerow

Using Druidic ritual, stories, sacred singing and the ancient Celtic Ogham (tree alphabet), Jo Dunbar and Adrian Rooke, bring us deeper into contact with the magic of the wild wood, and the spiritual power of our native trees and herbs. We discover how
venturing into the magical forest can open us to a deeper understanding of our own lives and may help to navigate through the entanglements of our personal journey.

Workshop: Working magically in the forest

The energies of nature are sinking deep into the earth now. The leaves have been shed and the seeds are under a warm layer of leaf mould, incubating over winter. So too the sap and energy of the great oaks have descended down into their roots, safe in the dark earth. Pregnant badgers and foxes are underground in their warm lairs, nurturing their young ones. As we follow the energies of nature, we will use this day to sink deeply into our own psyches, exploring which aspects of our lives we are ready to shed, and which seeds we wish to incubate safely in our hearts, ready to grow when the time is right. This is a day of meditation, working together with each other and the spirit of the descending seasonal energies as well as spending time in the forest connecting to the sacredness of our inner and outer landscape.  

Workshop: Birch and the spring equinox - the tree of new beginnings

We begin our journey through the seasons with Birch - associated with new beginnings. We shall explore the energies which Birch brings to the forest and to our lives, such as sweeping out of the old and pioneering new beginnings. Birch is a tree associated with detoxification and a bringer of Light and Love, so we shall make a brew of detoxifying hedgerow herbs and use meditation and traditional stories to strengthen our Light Bodies and spread universal love. As usual, there will be sacred singing and druidic ritual as part of the day.

Workshop: Beltane and hawthorn – exploring the power, passion and pain of being fully open to love and life

Jo Dunbar and Adrian Rooke take us on a journey along the Celtic Wheel of the Year to the merry month of May and the ancient celebration of Beltane.  This is the time when love fills the hedgerows;  when the Gods and the Goddesses come together in the Greenwood marriage bringing fertility to the land.  

The sacred tree that we shall focus on this time is Hawthorn which is truly a tree of the heart.  We shall also discuss how to use other herbs which support our circulatory systems such as Cleavers, Blackberries and Wild garlic.  As always, there shall be stories, and joyful song and chanting, meditations and working magically with our sacred Hawthorn.