About me


Working with plants as healers has been a passion of mine since I was a child.  Now as a medical herbalist I use plants as medicine for my patients, but there is so much more to medical plants than simply their bio-chemical constituents.  It is very well known that people talk to plants, and now we have an abundance of scientific evidence to support the interspecies communication between plants and humans.  So, where does that take us? 
My spirituality as a druid, honours the spirit of the plant and the spirit of nature.  Thus working as a medical herbalist, I will be thinking from a bio-chemical perspective, combined with my knowledge of the body’s physiology and the pathology of disease.  However, when I do herbal workshops, and indeed in my latest book Spirit of the Hedgerow, I look beyond the purely medical effects of the plants, towards connecting with them from the heart – like the ancient people used to do. 
I am lucky enough to live in the countryside where I can be in the fields, forest or hedgerows within a minute of walking out of my door.  Walking along the hedgerows through the seasons, one starts to develop a relationship with the plants are you work with them year after year.  My interest in the plant prompts me to glean interesting bits of information about the plants from old books or from chance meetings with people, and so I have built up some stories about individual hedgerow plants.  This has the effect of turning the plant from a green thing into a being with a fascinating history that humans can relate to.  In developing a relationship, we start to fall in love with the Earth again.  The ancient folk had an animistic world view – in that they believed that everything had a spirit – holy springs, sacred mountains, animal spirits, fire dragons etc. By relating to plants as Beings, we start to redevelop an animistic world view relevant to today’s world.  This turns our lives from the mundane to the magical.  We engage with the nature and absorb the wisdom, for everything that is worth knowing can be learnt by simply observing nature.  This really is the subject of the workshops that I run, and my book Spirit of the Hedgerow.