The best herbs for arthritis

Headline news this week brought to my attention that ordinary pain killers such as Ibruprofen, aspirin or paracetemol can raise the risk of heart failure by 20%. What was not mentioned was that “All NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) share an increased risk of serious complications in the upper GI tract such as bleeding,” Luis Alberto García Rodríguez, MD…/risk-gi-bleedi….

Acccording to the British Medical Journal, NSAIDs cause approximately 3500 hospitalisations for and 400 deaths from ulcer bleeding per annum in the UK in those aged 60 years and above.

Of course, these painkillers give us great relief, for which no doubt, each and every one of us are very grateful, but there are natural anti-inflammatory herbs which can also help to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain - leaving us free to use NSAID's only occasionally, thereby greatly reducing the risk of unknowingly and severely damaging our health.

A study published in 2015 showed that after 12 weeks the 32 patients who took a Frankincense were more pain free and could walk longer distances than the 34 who were given a placebo (dummy pill).

We see that a combination of frankincense and turmeric was more effective and more easily tolerated than diclofenac for treating active osteoarthritis.…/Natural-anti-inflammatory-agents
in 2014 a study comparing the pain reducing efficacy of turmeric to ibuprofen found that turmeric and ibuprofen equally reduced the pain of knee osteoarthritis, but thre were fewer gastrointestinal side effects in the group taking turmeric extracts when compared to the ibuprofen group.
Another study of 100 people divided into two group, with one recieving rosehips and the other received a placebo showed a signficant improvment in hip mobility and joint movement in the group who used the rosehips.…/article/pii/S0011393X03000043

There are other fabulous anti-inflammatory herbs such as Cat's Claw, Devils Claw, and White Willow.
What else can you do? It really helps to lose weight so that there is less stress on the joints. Dropping wheat, dairy and sugar from your diet will make a big difference in weight.

Certain foods have been linked to promoting arthritis - tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, all chemical in food seem to make it worse, whilst oils fish, lots of vegetables and fruit have an easing effect on arthritis.